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lake o porthope

after just mostly slogging through my last half dozen or more, non-journaled, sessions ..and it was really pretty good..

started on a 6.3, then mostly 5.8.. some nice sized waves, so im assuming it was blowing better somewhere else, but no complaints, fully, to overpowered the whole session, died kind of fast though in the early aft.,times like that im glad i was on a longboard, no swimming back, or walk back up the beach.

time to get a longsleeve wetsuit though.. : P

then, in the eve, got the old skateboard out for one of my best skate-sail sessions, times like that i wonder why i dont do that more often.. but it is hard to find a clear paved spot to do it though.. really fun.. powered on a 4,4.. in 10knts.

Weather Conditions

sunny, but cool

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-25 9




  kona 11 5, mistral syncro, gravity 46/hot sails 6.3, 5.8, and np 4.4


  3 hrs.

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