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Christmas in November..

Duxbury Bay Duxbury - Powder Point

Friday it was windy: I had to work

Saturday it nuked (at Kalmus): I had a bday celebration to attend....

Sunday was calling 17-21 at Duxbury, instead a great group of people were rewarded with a lil' bit more :D.

Was thinking I would have to drive down to the cape to find wind. Thanks to an active mailing list here in the Boston area, I opted to give Duxbury a shot. It was the right call by a long shot.

When I pulled in, it was low teens temperature wise, in a wind-shadow with the sun out. I was standing without a jacket in November watching people cruise across the water. Asking around, it seemed like low 5's was the call. The wind was up and down, but I opted to give the 5.0 a shot. Again I made the right call, setting up for one of the better sessions I've had this year... just perfect gear for the day.

By perfect, I mean at some points I was schlogging, others I was feeling the sail snap my back as it powered up then backwinded briefly (the 5.0 has a deep draft and can sometimes get unstable when overpowered). Not once did I feel VERY overpowered, and I never suffered a reach where I couldn't pump on to a plane *eventually*. Not having to re-rig from 1:00 when I arrived to 5:00pm when the sun had set and I derigged in the dark. Great.

Lots of cruising back n' forth, tried a few jumps on smallish ramps that showed up. Carved around a bunch, and even managed a solid 45 minutes on Mrs. Splashy Pants (my 78L Freewave). Too chickent to go for loops, and it was also pretty crowded so didn't want to cut anybody off by suddenly having a rig explode in a watery crash infront of them.

I did, however, manage two dinky little backside aerials. Of course these aren't backside aerials, but just me just playing around. Carving hard with my front foot into a crumbling swell/chop, have it throw me into the air (clearing the fin) as I immediately turn the board back across the wind. Call it me chickening out of a shove-it.. that's what it was... a wuss's precursor to a shove-it. Advice from others on shove-its welcome!

Evgeny came out (a co-worker) and had a huge smile on his face. Met some new young locals (Andrew & Katherine, Gary) as well as put some faces to names (Doug). Couldn't ask for much more.... except maybe landing a loop. :D


+ Made another carving 360 (port tack)

+ Got some duck gybes (and crashed others)

+ 2 back-sidey shove-it wanna be things (port tack)

Weather Conditions

Winds from just under-powered on 5.0 all the way up to fully fully powered (never really overpowered though thankfully).

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 18-28 13




  96L FreeSex, 78L Freewave/5.0 Goya Wave3D


  3 hrs.

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