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Easy riding at Pleasure Bay

Boston Harbour Pleasure Bay

Great relaxing session free-riding back n' forth with Andrew down at Pleasure Bay.

Started off in the Sugar Bowl where I had a bit too much in the sail. Added some downhaul just in time for the wind to drop a bit. The sail felt way nicer, but I wished it was just a lil' bit bigger.

We decided to head to the outside and it was great. Just pleasant cruising back n' forth to the island across the channel.

Kept my hair dry for most of the session, nailed all my gybes n' tacks. Easy freeriding session. Good for the soul.

Weather Conditions

Flat water, a bit of chop on the outside. 6.2 was a great sail size except for the occaisional lull.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 15-22 10




  96L FreeSex/6.2 Duke


  2 hrs.

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