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Barbie goes windsurfing.

Lake Ontario Mac's Point

Left the house just before 6:00 am. The whole way there Pt. Petre is showing honk fest. Get there for 8:00 am and its suckfest. Drive around to Outlet, West Point, hike over to veiw of Richardson's Beach but nadda. Fathom and Joe show. We rig in desperation. Fathom on 5.8, Joe 6.4, me 7.4M planing but barely and tough to stay up wind. Get back in and Fathom tries my setup of 7.4M on 106L and planes it no problem- PRICK! I joke that Fathom sailing anything is the equivalent of sticking a Barbie doll in your foot straps and roping of the rig. A dark haired, les busty, Viatnamese Barbie but you get the point. We hang around just enough to get a good chill going, head down to Outlet to watch the kiters barely making it work. Dude with Hummer and monster trailer says it was honking at his house in Belleville, so what the heck, we head up there. Wind is now NW and we scrounge a sailing site on some gnarly building lot on the south shore west of the bridge. Big balls of wind blowing through from over powered to underpowered. Finally call it quits when the balls get less frequent. Nice day all the same, warm-ish, sunny at times, great scenery, beat doing chores around the house.

Weather Conditions

Flatter than I wanted.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 12-18 10




  Flare 106L/7.4M NP Excess


  1 hrs. 30 min.

Sailing Site

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