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Bench Warming

Lake Ontario Paradise Park

Showed up to some decent wind. Rigged up the 8.5M with the 125L Rocket ( I even packed the Formula 175L - just in case). got on the water and wind totally kacked out. Couldn't even feel the pull on the rig when trying to tack. Managed to get myself back to shore and went and sat on the park bench in the warm sun chatting with Fathom. Passers by must have though we were lost super heros in our suits. Must have been doming as the wind picked up again around 4:00 but I had to pick up my son at 3:30pm. It was still nice to be outside and doing something other than running around with work. Man I was so tired later on last night after. Must have been the fresh air.

Weather Conditions

Seemed OK at first.

The Day at a Glance


  SW 5-15 12






  15 min.

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