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Lake Ontario Mac's Point

Was hoping for an afternoon fade in wind strength. Didn't really happen. It was a day to appreciate the skill of some and marvel at the power of wind and water. I spent a lot more time on the cliff than on the water today. Three sessions for me, one of which ended in having my gear ripped out of my hands and washed away. I couldn't catch it in the current and could barely fight to shore to try to catch up. Luckily, fish saved the day (for which I still owe a beer) and grabbed my stuff. He was getting pounded holding on to two sets of gear in the shallows but I couldn't get to him. Thankfully, a sailor who's name I didn't get (shamefully) waded in and took over so Fish could get out of there. Thanks to both of you. You saved me a HUGE walk of shame and likely saved my fins from the shallows too.

Some sailors made it look reasonable yesterday while for me it was truly survival sailing. Ilan, J.F., Jacque, Fish, and more were getting solid rides on the phenomenal waves. Those guys can sail man. For me it was just try to make it out without getting too pounded. The most wind I've sailed in EVER! Sails ranged from 2.7 to my 3.8, and saw some boards with 60-something in the volume column. Made some gybes, had a couple of good jumps and had a few tentative wave rides. Joe took a good picture of my first bottom turn in 50 plus knots which has zero of four fins in the water... before I crashed and burned- awesome. I kind of feel like I could sail anything now. What I enjoyed most was everybody marvelling at the conditions, everyone supporting everyone else, and feeling like I conquered something today.

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