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Wow, I survived sailing 44 knots gust to 53 knots

Ontario Mac

This will be one of the most memorable windsurfing day for sure. And likely will be for anyone in Ontario who ventured out.

I would have just put the van in neutral on the 401 to go East. The little pond out of Wooler Rd exit had one foot swell, Consecon and West lake were smoking, big tree branches were everywhere. Wind was expected to peak around 2pm then dropping in the late afternoon. This is a very strong and big low.

The parking at Mac was full. Most people were onshore watching, taking pictures or resting. I did the same , in awe of the wind, the current, the huge jumps and big crashes. I measured the gust to 45 knots while standing somewhat sheltered onshore. It was go small or go home, show us your smallest gear kind of day.

Finally at 2:30 I decided to rig up and go out, just to experience 45-50 knots sailing. The Superfreak was rigged super floppy but not too flat, a lesson learned from last monday when it was a tamer 35-45 knots. It felt fine! The gust were huge but the Superfreak continues to positively surprise in those overppowering conditions. The waves were super spaced out and smooth. The ramps were huge and you did not as much jump as just expose the underside of your board to the wind and fly. Coming down was smooth, just hanging to your sail , floats you down. After falling in near shore, the current and big waves keep pinning the sail underwater and sapped a lot of energy. Went back to rest and wait until the wind drops.

Although I must have waited 1.5h onshore, it was fun watching the few that were out and snapping pictures and videos. I missed a few of the super high jumps.

At 4:30 the wind seems to have dropped a notch (later checked to be 39-45 knots) and I went back out for about 1-1.5hr. It was super fun bottomw turning oversheeted and back up at Mach speed , however my timing was mostly off in those wind and could not find nice breaking lips. On my last ride , I found a juice big lip, hit it and it hit me back, sent me tumbling over my gear and under my gear. Crunch!! Once restarted, I thought the wind has really dropped and I was struggling a bit to get going, so stopped for the day, only to find out I tore my PVC window.

Lots of tourists taking pictures today, even though it was so windy to be out.

Derigged at 6pm then headed over to the Acoustic Grill in Picton where OW has reserved a table for us crazies. Local draft beer and local Blue Cheeze Angus burger never tasted so satisfying.

Oh what a day.

Kudos to those who made it out today. Even bigger kudos to those who made it look so easy to sail in 40-50 knots and overmast swells.

Very sore with permagrin as I'm writing this.

Weather Conditions

40-53 knots, water spray, big waves, big periods of 8sec, too windy for me for top turns. Windiest I've ever sailed.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 40-53 13




  Tabou PW 69L/Superfreak 3.5


  2 hrs.

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