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Lake Erie Sherkston

And I thought that last I was out was maybe the biggest I've sailed in. Well, this , by far, tops it both in wave size and wind strength. I don't recall seeing Sherkston this big!

When I drove to the ramp and looked down, there was water. The beach was gone! Parked up top and looked out. Massive waves and huge gusts. The wreck was swallowed in white water and could hardly be seen.This was a big day! I hung out with the guys for a while in anticipation of an epic session when the wind drops. 2 solid sailors, Henry and Casey have a go at it. Henry on a 3.7 and Casey on XS chopper (in the low 3's) have a go at it...and survive, but in the gusts it was just hanging to dear life. As time rolled on and couldn't see it getting much weaker, I rigged 3.4m and went for it. It must have been at that time that the wind started to back off. Super powered to overpowered and totally dialed run out was met by a massive wall of whitewater which swallowed me whole! Now swimming by my gear I could see the total awesomeness of those huge moving mountains! On the run in , I felt a little underpowered, so rigged the S chopper. Had the best little session on it, dropping in on the largest and steepest smooth wave I've ever dropped in on, survived the bottom turn and cut back 3/4 way up is best I could do before running away from it!

Wind kept dropping, and waves getting better,so on a short break i rigged the M and had another blast. Building a little confidence, started to get 2 turns on a wave, however, huge wipe outs were were plentyfull. My worst one was at the end, when the wind had let up a little more and I decided to stay on the same rig, but get out on the 92L board. The wind had also shifted a few degrees N of west, not only bringing back the beach, but had to walk out to clear the rocks and get to the windline. I head out, turn, spot my wave (which was huge, smooth and long) and go for it, I must have mistimed my cutback because all of a sudden I'm feeling that the wave trying to outrun me and all odf a sudden a massive wall of whitewater smashes me into the rig. My wrist felt as though it snapped. Let go of the rig which ended way down and grabbed my wrist. Quick assessment showed not broken, but painful and week. Another wave picks me up and throws me much closer to my gear. Now I can swim. When the 'spray' cleared, I composed myself and made it back in.....What a session.....Definitely one for the books...... .Followed by a great little party!

I later learnt that Zeni also did a number on his wrist. Now I find out that he's ina cast for 6 weeks! Heal well my friend! I hope that my injury (wrist still quite swollen) did not suffer the same faith, 'cause I ain't ready to quit yet!

Weather Conditions

Massive wind and wave, sun & clouds...mild

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 30-55 13




  Goya 92L Quad /78L Quad/Naish Force 3.4/ Choppers S & M


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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