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Halloween Storm Nov 1st

Erie Sherkston

This day brought back memories of my second trip to Hatteras .Halloween Storm of "91" as the locals call it.....hurricane Grace fusing with massive low pressure system creating the "Perfect Storm" as per the movie.

Overnight into Friday morning wind built to storm #'s...I pull into Pleasant Beach 11am s on way to Sherkston to see waves washing up to dunes and massive sets on outside being sandblasted the whole time from driving winds.

Roll into Sherkston 2 kiters out & 2 windsurfers Zeni & Henri Casey in from his first's big.

Noon, slowly start rigging up my 4.2 no rush as waiting on wind to hopefully back off.2pm suit up and head out...managing reasonably well gusts are still heavy.

Zigzagging through the sets at reef to outside where second reef is producing mast high ++ sets smooth and spread out...impressive stuff. Jibing on them was shooting me down the face at ballistic speeds a few times switch stance things happening so fast = some good washings.

Dropping in on sets at reef with guys riding same wave 100 yards

upwind sail completely laid down & still firing down faces with a couple of quick cutbacks then kicked out the front like a!!

Definitely a session for the archives...some trashed equipment & a few bumps & bruises notched up by all...heal up quick boys...along with the memories of an epic "Reef" sesh

Weather Conditions

Big & windy

The Day at a Glance


  SW 35-50 10




  Quatro Tempo 76/MauiSails 4.2 Global


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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