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A Tribute Session for Glen!

GBay AWood of Course

So a Buddy says he was feelin a bit Blue and out of sorts cause we lost a fellow Waterman. Let's go and have a session for Glen at AWood, the place many had their last session with him several weeks ago!

The day was Awesome! WINDY, classic NW, some sun, some snow, some waves , some good laughs, some beers on the beach and even a fly by from an Army Plane!

It wasn't until my ride home that I heard on the radio of a missing pilot and realized that the plane was actually out doing a Search and rescue!

So fragile existence is here on Earth!

Cheers BK

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   20-25 5




  Wainman Magnum 5'10"/Wainman "Smoke" 9m


  2 hrs.

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