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Well overpowered but great wave sailing

Ontario Mac (mostly lower Mac)

I was quite apprehensive of the day today as the forecast was calling for wind >30knots. And indeed it was over 30 knots today. The reason for the apprehension is I puncture my 3.5 on that 45-50 knots day and only have my 4.2. I must have the biggest sail at Mac today! Sail size by 1pm were sub 4's. The wind was from the West, very gusty, 31 to 41 knots.

But you work with what you have (and having trained on crazy wind on the last session, anything below 40 knots is now tame !!!) and I had to sail strategically to make the most out of it. And it worked!

Rigged the 4.2 to max downhaul and max outhaul (allowing major gust handling and flying upwind so I don't have to be way out there), sailed lower Mac, where there was somewhat of a windshadow so I can wave ride without being overpowered. Then by the time I finish the down the line riding, the wind would be overpowering again, and straight upwind I went. Now I know why Guy Trudeau hangs out there!

The waves in the lower Mac were super smooth, spaced out (7-8sec), and with the wind direction, there were no clew first sailing. Straight down the line. Eventhough it was really windy/overpowering, the painful lesson learned from higher wind paid off, as I got much better speed, better wave/lip selections and some most memorable rides and lip hit. I was overly ambitious on one big breaking lip, try to hit it full speed only to get smacked back and rag dolled over the handle bar. No pain , no gain I supposed.

Somewhat short session, but it was most fun. Some of my best wave riding yet and it's neat how it just keep getting a bit better each time.

Amazing number of sailors out today (12 at one point in the water) considering the wind and temperature (6C air, 12C water). No pictures taken today, too busy sailing!

Weather Conditions

Beautiful waves, down the line riding, but very gusty and strong. Overpowering on 4.2 for the whole session.

The Day at a Glance


  W 31-41 12




  Tabou PW 69L/superfreak 4.2


  2 hrs.

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