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Big NW Part II

Georgian Bay Allenwood Beach

Back to the bay for the clean up session. Wind slightly less than yesterday meaning dialled in on the 4.0 / 82L Quad combination. Ventured out past the rocks to some very large clean waves with a lot of period. Big but not as gnarly as I expected. So much wind it was hard to unhook and actually wave ride but did have a lot of fun. After my partner called it a day I decided to play it safe and stay on the inside. Put on the 68L twinser of the last 45 minutes and had a blast ripping in the safety zone between the rock piles. Keep the winds coming!!! 3 out of 4 days. Thanks to Dr Darren who was able to join me.

Weather Conditions

Big Winds, Clean Classic NW Allenwood Waves.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 32-40 1




  82L JP Quad / 68L JP Twinser/4.0 NP Alpha


  2 hrs.

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