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Water warmer than air

Lake Erie Sherkston

Got the first shift at Sherkston today. A bit apprehensive as it was a bit chilly but with the sun it was actually one heck of a nice day at the reef. Wanted to get the chance to use the big gear today which included my new toy, a Simmer Quantum quad 95 and using some sails larger than 4.0.

Did just that, 2 hours of wave ridding on a pure West set up. Finally in control, first with the 4.9 banzai and then the 4.3 banzai. The 95L with the quad set up worked really well today giving me just enough float to have a blast trying to improve on some aspects of wave riding and jumping. Lots of fun and looking up to the next few days.....

Awesome seeing all these stories, vids and photos from SBX! Keep them coming.

Weather Conditions

Steady West winds. Waves perhaps at 4-5 feet on the outside.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  W 22-28 2




  Simmer Quantum 95/4.3, 4.9


  2 hrs.

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