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lake ontario port hope

wow, just another solid fun day..

more sailing sub 5m-ish in the last couple of weeks than the rest of the year combined.

good day, until i came in to rig something smaller, and realized i had locked my keys in the van. d'oh..!!

found a passing dog walker with a cell phone, and caa was there in less than half an hour though, he had it unlocked in about 10 seconds. hmmm, why lock the doors, ? haha'

anyway, looks like more in store for tomorrow..

i'll be launching about 2 miles downwind of the uranium refinery if anyone else is interested, it nukes!

and that was my 6 or 7th session on that 25 yr old board.. im really liking it,

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windy wavy

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  SW - 2




  fanatic boa 95l/5.2 , 4.7


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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