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Lake Erie Sherkston

So we know October as Rocktober. I believe that this November should be named....maybe Nukevember??? I don't think I've ever experienced so many back to back super high winds days locally! Today was no exception.

Wasn't even planning on sailing today. Had a downtown meeting and a few errands in the morning when the wind texts started coming in...damn...stuck in construction traffic and gear at home! Finished with my stuff and got to the house after 1 pm. Getting kind of late for the ride at this time of year. Checked the buoy...W @ 27mph and Thursday looking as maybe too windy, so I made the call...and glad I did!

Got to an empty blown out beach. Had just missed windyyet who had texted me 4.5 conditions a half hr earlier. It looked much windier than that! Casey followed 5 min afetr and he was followed by the windmill. So it was 3 of us. Again rigged S on medium setting (4.0 range) but after a couple of runs, I really had to reef the out haul. A little more in control, I managed to nail a some sweet rides, however, during a wipe out, watched Casey smacking the lip of a mast high set, multiple times. Was cool to watch that while close in the water, watching his mast disappear and than up again for another smack etc.etc. Made my rides pale in comparison! The dude absolutely rips!

Weather Conditions

Sun, Cloud, windy and cool

The Day at a Glance


  SW 30-35 4




  Goya Quad 78/Naish Chopper S


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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