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.....But if you try some times, you may get what you need

Lake Erie Sherkston

And sure did today. Just what the doctor ordered! Moderate winds with some sweet waves. First half hr, the wind was a little to onshore for good front side, so was going more for backside, but had to make a run in to thaw out my finger tips knowing all will be good once I get the blood flowing again. !0 minites in and I'm back out. The wind had shifted to much more sideshore (side to side on) and became excellent for frontside. Head to logo high waves ripping ride after ride. Just myself and Northshore out today. Maybe my favorite day of the month! Life is good!

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  SW 18-23 10




  Naish 115 Freestyle/Naish Chopper XL


  3 hrs.

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