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Season Ender?

Georgian Bay Allenwood Beach

Never say never but this will probably be the season ending session. Once again loaded up on a 4.0 but the session cut short by straight on-shore conditions. Combination of insane gusts (65km) and a straight west wind (50km) limited runs that were all about 30 meters off shore. I simply could not get out, right or left. After mowing the lawn back and forth between the rock piles I called it a day (season). Could have put on the 3.5 and continued but in the end given the hard hail felt pelting my eyes, I should cut my losses and pack it in. Last three sessions of the year were on 4.0 or below, what an crazy end to the season. For those who didn't make it out you didn't miss much. Split time between the 82L quad and 68L twinser. Considering I thought I may use the 68 twinser once or twice a year this marked the 6th time it got wet this year. Money well spent! Looking forward to reading other posts.

Weather Conditions

Big ,nasty, on-shore winds.

The Day at a Glance


  W 30-40 6




  82L JP Quad / 68L JP Twinser/4.0 NP Alpha


  1 hrs.

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