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Icing on the Cake

Lake O Mac's

This fall has basically averaged out a rather sucky year to a pretty damn good one. Combined with the fact an injury kept me off the water, and that the summer pretty much sucked ass, the fall had a lot to live up to. From all the reports, seems like everywhere has been getting tons of wind these last couple of months, and it looks like its forecast to continue, minus the warm temps.

Was waiting in my car for what seemed like an eternity for a sailing partner to show up. I knew some mates from Ktown were coming, but not til later... that just wasn't going to do. Drove back into Picton for some junk food and to force patience. Must've passed Baby Ruth on the way, since when I got back, Joe was rigged and ready to roll, and his awesome wife Baby Ruth was on hand and willing to play photographer! It was pretty damn windy as Joe went out with his 4.5. I looked at the gusts screaming by and thought 3.7. Went out, shlogged one run, came back, rigged the 4.2. Then it ramped up, so after getting creamed with the 4.2 for 20 minutes, went back in and both Joe and I rigged down 3.5/3.7.

The conditions were clean as. Cleaner than I have seen in a long time. Waves were nicely spaced and a fun size right in front. There was a bit of a shadow from time to time so it must've been WSW or something like that. Awesome fun. Joe and I sailed together for at least an hour and a half, trading off on waves. Saw Joe get some really sweet rides with his usual charging down the line style - super fast. I don't think there was any choice but to be going fast, as it was once again, way overpowering on the small stuff. Lots of short sessions, mitts on/off/on off. Definitely cold but damn fun.

Had some good jumps too - couldn't help but soar as the waves were forming perfect clean ramps and heading right into them. I was super close on one small backloop attempt but lost control of the sail on landing. One forward, that was it. It got too gnarly to really contemplate working on any tricks.

Gotta speculate iit would have been incredible at Upper Mac's, but given the temperature and lack of other sailors, we seemed happy to stick around Mac's proper and enjoy what it had to offer. Given how clean the waves were and the perfect wind direction, man, Uppers' would have been beautiful.

Bob and Marcus from Kingston showed up around 3ish I think, and rigged their 3.7's too and had some good runs. Great to see Bob getting back into the sport after numerous years hiatus (my forwards are cuz of Bob's help), and Marcus's first time at Mac's to boot. Fun times, but this will be my last for the year. I see all that colour on Windguru, but alas, I also see the negative temps. Unless a day >10C and WSW winds show up miraculously for a good warm Mac's, I am finished. Great fall! Thanks for lots of banger sessions everyone!

Thanks to Baby Ruth for snapping some photos. I will get a sample up soon.

Dean Peever also came by a bit later and snapped a set:

Weather Conditions

Clean big waves boom!

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  SW 35-45 7




  Quatro Quad LS 78/Goya Guru 3.7


  2 hrs. 20 min.

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