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Thursday Nov 14th

Erie Sherkston

Head down in AM gather gear then to Sherks.JF & Marty out on 3.7 powered.Rig 4.2 "again" downhauled. As about to launch guys come in to bagout 3.7' there is hope I'll be in control on 4,2.

So out to reef waves big but a bit disorganized and choppy,,,boost some big airs and superfast bouncy wave rides...out solo as guys re rigging to 4.2.Rest of crew show all scoring big jumps and speedy wave rides.

3ish wind shifts and gets super patchy... late arrivals having hard time waterstarting 5.2's

Most pack up tired and chilled.

Consensus today... conditions were big but disorganized with fast moving waves that could punish on miscues

For me a real 4.2 day for a change.

Weather Conditions

big wind & waves ssw

The Day at a Glance


   25-35 7




  Quatro Tempo 76/MauiSails 4.2 Global


  3 hrs. 30 min.

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