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Eazy Riding Friday

Erie Sherkston

Back to Sherks Friday 15th "AM"....Was thinking/hoping 5.3 but go with 5.7.....good call....side on-on but I can see some nice sets breaking lower reef.I update birthday boy "Sandman" before I launch ...on his way.

Out for soulful/ solo hour&half sesh ... up to shipwreck were there are more consistent waves but waist high and stay down at lower end of reef where waves less frequent but better random sets rolling through...say shoulder high with occasional logo super clean sets forming out of no fun.

In for break "Sandman" rolls in.....rigs his 115 Naish Freestyle with XL Chopper

Out we go now 2 sails on reef with one kiter down towards Pleasant Beach.

Most of time in sinc with Sandman so runs out then both sail back in stalling & watching for random logo high sets usually in 3's...both scoring some fun multiple turn front side rides sometimes me on leading wave Sandman on 2nd or 3rd and vice versa.

Nice long sesh with quick breaks... shifting to side/side on" & cruizzin glassy logo high sets...sail till 4ish then wind gets fluky & start getting deeper & deeper into bowl so pack it in.

Head with birthday boy to ReebHouse for quick beer& bite all smiles

Just one of those soulful wave days feeling in zone with conditions

Weather Conditions

sunny.... light wind with cruizzin/glassy sets

The Day at a Glance


  SW 14-18 10




  JP FSW 101/MauiSails 5.7 Legend


  4 hrs. 30 min.

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