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Sunday Skunking=Monday Thumping

Erie Sherkston

Ya Sunday was a right off...drove to Long Beach on a solid southerly forecast...either it domed or front just late arriving....dozen kiters out on 12's or even bigger 15 degrees...oh well

8"ish Sunday night front comes in like freight train with heavy rain.

Monday still some drizzle wind is pumping...over to Sherks arrive with Henri & Casey.

Henri rigs 3,7 & out... Casey patrols gate to get arriving crew access...gate locked this time of year..thanks to Casey.I rig 4.2 hoping wind will back run to reef tailwalking whole way...waves big....not even close.

Rest of crew arrive rig up 3,7's,,,Henri & JF offer to let me use their kits as they can only muster 20 minute seshes then need break

.I try JF's kit...78 Goya Quad with 3.7 Goya Eclipse nice... different rig settings than my a bit out of sinc.

Then Henri's kit... Poison Nucleo 73 & Naish 3.7 rigged a bit more my style....felt fairly comfortable considering overpowered 3.7 conditions.

Zigzagging through solid sets at reef boosting big airs to outside where sets are massive clean and spread out as much as I ever witnessed at Sherks.

Trying to stay focussed at same time gazing at sets in amazement....big clean growlers mast high ++ with 3 to 4 feet of whitewater topping them,,,,some super fast one turn drop ins with some more organized rides when gybing on sets at reef then work them best I can.

3'ish wind shifts side off & switches off...frozen & beat by then.

Over to ReebHouse for pints & grub with crew...some good laughs & stories.

Could be it for my season...what a way to cap it.

Thanks JF/Henri for demo gear...saved my sesh & Casey for access

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  SW 40-45 6




  Gya 78 Quad/Poison Nucleo 73/3.7's Goya/Naish


  2 hrs. 30 min.

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