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Test driving the Loco

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Didn't look promising today but drove down to meet Brad at the water's edge as he lured people there with cold beer. Great to see him again!

Jacob and Kevin joined, and I met an old & returning to the action local Mark (owner of a hyper Weimaraner named Moby).

I'd been thinking about pulling the trigger this season on buying just 1 4.8 freestyle sail as this would cover me for 50% of my sessions and could be my bread and butter Candlestick sail.

I belated realized that my Naish mast might work perfectly with a 4.8 Maui Sails Loco, and luckily, Kevin had a used one ready to go. While waiting, for wind, I rigged it up and it looked good so when the wind picked up a bit more I took it for a test run.

Much easier to rotate in near-planing winds. Can't say much about the planing ability as it was few/far between wind-wise that day.

Either way, good enough for me! Jenn gets the Goya 400 mast for our goya sails, and I get a new (to me) sail from.

EpicSesh stick on the sail, can you guess who the previous owner was? I guessed it immediately.

275$ later and Im' the owner of a mint condition 2012 Loco.

Now I just need to live with the shame of joining the Skate + Loco team.

(of the Candlestick regulars, this includes: Kevin, Aaron, Juan, Alex )

The Day at a Glance


  NW 12-18 17




  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  30 min.

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