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One Rig All Day!

Pamlico Sound Canadian Hole/Salvo N.C.

Great day! Started at the Canadian Hole, nicely powered-up on a 4.5M riding the Tabou 3S 86L (kept this combo all day). Wind was from the north. Had lots of fun launching off the tiny ramps. I noted that my jumps are definitely weaker on the port tack. Need to work on this.

I played around with the fins, moving from a mfc weed style pointer, switching to a weed style Makani Ono. If you ever wanted proof that fins make a difference this would be the comparison to make. The pointer just shot up wind no problem, with a much wider jibe radius, you really had to work a making the board turn. The Ono was so much more playful, and much more fun when fully powered up.

Had a lunch break and headed up to Salvo, where it is much shallower, smaller waves, and more forgiving on my, by then, very weary body.

I am really making some progress on my carve jibs. Learning that power can be your friend.

Weather cooled off today, mitts and hat in order, still very comfortable.

The Day at a Glance


  N 25-39




  Tabou 3S 86L/4.5 Ezzy Panther


  5 hrs.

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