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Weary, but keeping up the stoke!

Pamlico Sound Salvo N.C.

Thought I blew this day. Arrived in Salvo around noon expecting some good wind but it was flat. Hung out for an hour then tiny little white caps began to form, then it just kept slowly building, and building and…

Had my 6m rigged (didn’t bring anything larger because it was looking so assume before I arrived) so I set out on my 100l board. The rig felt massive compared to my experience yesterday. It didn’t take long until I rigged down, and after a couple tacks, came in again to change up my board.

Rented the 2014 Tabou DaCurve, 86L. There has been so much hype about the quad board I wanted to give it a try. Andy (from Wind-NC) was pointing out that this year’s model has a flatter rocker, so it may be a little more enjoyable on the sound side. And, even though I wasn’t taking it into waves, I wanted to get a feel how these four fins felt under foot.

My first impression was the feeling of awkwardness. I kept playing around with my foot pressure to try to get things working (the board has a very wide stance), finally I just stopped thinking about it and settled into the most comfortable stance, then it started to work. It is funny, reading reviews terms are thrown around, and with little experience the descriptions seem so abstract, but being on this board they all kind of make sense to me now. Planted feeling, tight slashy turns, upwind abilities, it all makes sense. The one thing I will add, and this may be unique to this board, but board preformed much better when it was fully power up. I can now understand how you guys are still having a blast on those 30knt days at SBX when I am running for shelter.

My only criticism of the board, I found it more difficult keeping my speed up though my jibes. This is probably my technique, but it should still be noted.

All in all, a great day, I am thoroughly pooched.

The Day at a Glance


  N 17-30 10




  Tabou DaCurve 86L/6m/5.2


  2 hrs.

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