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Jenn's season opener

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

This weekend was ear-marked as a "Napa" weekend. Jenn ran a trail run on Saturday and we stayed 2 nights in a cute room in wine-country (what yuppies we are).

Of course when Sunday morning showed up.... we had an early breakfast and high-tailed it back to the city so we could windsurf :)

After breaking the heart of our surfing friend (and declining to go surf when the sensor read 16g20), we loaded the car and hit the stick.

Hot and white-capping, the wind didn't get stronger and rather than wait Jenn went out on a 5.0. Seeing others struggle and her doing ok, I decided it would be a lighter day and joined her on a 5.7.

In the end, I spent the session going for spocks the whole time, and managed to do surprisingly well despite the 22cm stock fin that I use with.

Jenn had a blast and seemed to hit her stride right away, making a bunch of gybes despite the holes everywhere. Also out were Brad, Sofi, Asma and George!

Beer with Heidi and Mary who were on shore but didn't rig.


+ Made it 80% way through a spock! Finished the rotation and went for the rig flip. Got my new front hand on then hit the water getting my back hand on. Water-started up after a bit in the water...... soooooooo frustrating close.

Weather Conditions

Flat flat flat, with some puffs

The Day at a Glance


   12-22 20




  99L Skate/5.7 Eclipse


  2 hrs.

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