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Hamilton Harbor Tour

ontario cciw

Well the Harbor is one of few launches that's ice free & windy although gusty more than the norm.

Headed down Thursday 10th with the big SW forecast....good turnout...rigged 5.3 with the 106...really fluky swirling at launch then into solid wind with gust & winds ramping up.In rig down to 4.7 & 92 a few runs then it when super worked bigtime...called it a sesh....warm...warm

Back on Sunday 13th...with solid SW forecast & warm....rig 5.3...then rerig to 4.7 launch fully powered get 3/4 way across bay wind shuts down slog to opposite side of bay wait 20 minutes nothing...drag gear up rocks hill of bayfront home wait another 20 nothing...haul board up to driveway head back down to get bay is covered with up get board jump in water get waterstated blast halfway across slog rest of way...whew!!lucky on that one no big dogs are nasty homeowner...thought I was going to have to hitchhike back.

Another try on Monday 14th...SW warm arrive noon start rigging 5.3,bay turns to liquid smoke ,rerig to 4.2 head out ahead of squall completely sheeted out scary control maybe 1/2 hour of this and beat it to launch..then wind gets fluky...ask Rn'r safaring over" bird shite island"...not so much fun. Overall good to get out in warm winds...but definitely not tune up type conditions

Weather Conditions

warm squally/gusty big chop

The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-40 22




  Tabou 3S106/Mistral92Twin/MauiSails 5.3Ghost/4.7Legend


  3 hrs.

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