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Ontario CCIW

Pulled into CCIW 2ish just ahead of Adam,,,,typical Harbor,what to rig??.Was gusting into 5.7 range...was about to rig it,noticed it building so rig the the time I suited up was more like 4.7...launch with the 5,3 fully powered and getting worked when it would fill in...blasting around scoring some jumps..still tuning into my new 3S 106 ...Donny & Greg showed & Cliff taking some pics

Good direction not as squally as usual then got patchy near end.Called it a sesh with a cold beer with the "boyz" to warm up

Weather Conditions

Solid 5.3 & harbor chop

The Day at a Glance


  SW 18-23 12




  Tabou 3S 106/MauiSails 5.3 Ghost


  3 hrs.

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