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I'm hooked....again.

Guelph Lake Guelph Ontario

So I finally got out after a 25 year hiatus. Weather was calling for 19kt winds gusting to 25kts. I tried to aim to hit the lake at 5ish when the wind was supposed to die off, but upon arriving, rigging, and waiting, it didn't look like it was going to die down. There were already 4-5 windsurfers already out there. I was a little worried about getting out there as the smallest sail I have is a 7.0. I decided to try anyway and sail the narrow line between the wind shadow, and the white capped water that started about half way across the lake.

All I have to say is it was an absolute blast. I am really rusty after being off for so long and I felt like I was in survival mode, but it was really great to be out. I was even able to get up on plane (once) which felt amazing.

No problem at all going up wind with the 51cm fin. I didn't need the centre board at all. I was actually having a problem going down wind as I was feeling really over powered. It's definately got me thinking about a smaller, newer sail.

Wetsuit was nice and warm too. 5/3 triathlon suit (5mm on front, 3mm on back), with 1.5mm sleeves + 5mm hooded vest. 5mm booties and 2 mm gloves.

Weather Conditions

Gusty along the north shore of the lake, white caps forming on the south half.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 8-25 10




  Bic 293 OD/1999 7.0 North Sails Sting 3D (too old?)


  1 hrs.

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