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Gusty but convenient

Guelph Lake Main Beach

Had a decent session. Water felt very cold! Forgot my 5mm booties so decided to go out without booties and gloves in the beginning. Mistake! Came in put on my thin short booties intended for rock protection, added some gloves and threw on my hood. That helped a lot.

Was pretty gusty and intense but would drop off randomly and dunk you in the water. Had more than enough to plane most of the time, but some gusts would just come out of no where and sometimes the wind would just disappear. I definitely got pitched a few times but was mostly in control. Last dunking I landed on the sail and it felt floppy beneath the water. Swam to the top and felt that my mast was sticking out. Not good. Wasn't that far from shore so had a little swim. This old sail seems to have stretched and with enough force the mast can pop out of the little piece of sail keeping it in.

Working on jibing. Need lots of practice this season on that skill.

Weather Conditions

Strong gusts, cold water.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-25 10




  JP SLW/6.2


  2 hrs.

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