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Quite a Crowd plus a little wind

Lake Ontario West Point

They were promising a pretty fine Sunday all week so I was pretty excited. The Sat. night Ilan called to say he and Tom were headed down from Montreal (Usually a good sign).

Wind never really did deliver too much though. Because of the north in it, we hiked out to West Point. The distance to the water seemed further somehow. Schlepping all your kit plus and extra sail a pain but can be so worth it when the point is firing - which it wasn't really. For me it was underpowered 5.3 and then 5.9. there were good waves peeling down but just not enough wind inside to take advantage of them. Ilan and Tom (it was nice to meet Tom) seemed to have the most fun. Tom planes ridiculously early on tiny stuff - very frustrating to us larger, perhaps less skilled fellas.

Joe, Tom, Ilan and myself had some fun and enjoyed the beautiful sunshiney day that it eventually turned into. I just would have liked more wind. We still haven't had a great wave day yet down here this season.

We tried to end the day sailing the beach (to milk every last bit of the day) but the wind did not cooperate, although Tom can now claim to have sailed the Sandbanks side.

Weather Conditions

Marginal wind, occasional good waves, great company.

The Day at a Glance


  NW -




  RRD FSW 109/Simmer Icons 5.3 and 5.9


  3 hrs.

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