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Jump day at Candlestick!

San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Showed up and most everybody was off the water.

Dave was heading home after being overpowred on 4.5, while Brad and Z were looking at the nuking wind.

All said and told, I had a fun session blasting around with Z and Jules looking for ramps to hit some jumps and do high speed gybes on my 78L.

Also threw in a couple of tacks for good measure and actually sailed away from one. Definitely rely on the floatiness of my 99L to make tacking 100%...

Overall a fun day since I got to use the small stuff.

Weather Conditions

Up and down winds, but I was pretty comfortable in the gusts and able to coast through half of the lulls.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 20-30 20




  78L FreeWave/4.2 Guru


  1 hrs.

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