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Not even close

Guelph Lake "The Island"

So weather was calling for 16 kts gusting to 23 kts. I showed up at Guelph lake around 4pm and it wasn't even close to those conditions. It didn't matter though, I was super excited to get out on the water again. I figured some toned down conditions would be good for learning. I slid by the west beach to see if anyone else was there but it looked like I'd be running solo.

I started with a 7.0 not really trusting my skills to go any bigger. After 45 min things were going pretty well so I figured I'd try my 8.8. I just got the 8.8 and I've never used a sail that large, or new (it's maybe a 2008, I'm used to 90's equipment). HOLY COW what a difference. Obviously I was able to go faster but the sail was so smooth. I don't know how to describe it but I felt I had more control. It's really got me thinking about replacing that late 90's 7.0 with something newer.

So I sailed around a bit in sub-planing conditions and finally headed in exhausted (no harness + 8.8 sail + 215 lbs of me). I was just resting in the shallows when the wind kicked up (relatively). I had to try one more time and was able to plane briefly a few times.

I know it's not a crazy wave sesh but I'm loving this.

NEED to get a harness. Hour and a half of sailing and my arms are going to fall off.

Weather Conditions

6 kts gusting to 15ish?

The Day at a Glance


  E 6-16 14




  Bic OD 293/NS 7.0 Sting/NS 8.8 Free Race


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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