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Little surprise

Lake Ontario Port Dalhousie

Well this one came as a surprise. Some noise this morning on emails and texts about possible NE winds. We had Port Dalhousie in mind so started to check the readings: 17 at 11, 18 and noon and 19 at 1pm. Ok, lets go and check it out. Arrived to Port, sky was clearing and caps everywhere. Got to rig the 5.5 that passed a beating last week at Marie Curtis with two broken battens.

The groupme app (group text) we are using gathered the troops in a short period of time. Adrian, Marty, Brendan, Geoff, John and Dirk quickly showed up.

Super fun session under the sun with the water slowly warming up. Nice ramps and waves off the pier made some fun backside riding. Brendand even got to try a few loops.

Weather Conditions

NE, Super steady wind.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NE 18-22 11




  Skate 110L/HSM 5.5


  2 hrs.

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