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[Video] Ocean beach wave-sailing on a 'small' day

Pacific Ocean Ocean Beach (@ Beach Chalet)

Original video on Kevin's (Sunset Sailboard's) FB page:

Youtube link:

Second day in a row that the bay had a windy day.

Kevin had said yesterday that OB was sailable and to today I checked in with him before making a call on where to sail. Sure enough OB looked good and Kevin was pumped I was willing to go, unfortunately, nobody else was.

Drove down and together we went to the lot opposite Beach chalet, me to sail and Kevin to take photos and offer tips/moral support (he's out for a knee injury).

Man it was windy. Earlier the OBKC sensor had hit gusts of 40mpg. What to rig.... Went with a 4.2 and hit the water.

Ocean Beach is really on-shore with waves of all sizes breaking everywhere, not exactly a friendly spot to go sailling and get to the outside. I kept bearing off to stay on a plane but was having issues staying on a plane. After a bunch of unsuccessful attempts to get outside (really not making any great progress) I cam back in.

Re-rig time. I went up to a 4.8. This time when I get on the water, I started out and just kept going. As I made it past the knee high stuff, to the waist high stuff, I was trying to pick a line and dodge swell and the waves just kept getting bigger. Before I knew it, I was amidst head high rollers (with sharp peaks) and knee high bump and jump mixed on top. I was solo far out and way down the beach from where I launched so decided to turn back.

As it turns out the 4.8 was great and helped me get upwind, on the way back, I was way upwind and mostly on the outside or so I thought. I should have turned back but always it semed like there was a big wave over my left shoulder so I just kept trying to pick a line through. Eventually I got forced to the inside and ended up back on shore.

Another attempt at going out had me end up in a rip in shoulder deep water, and me fighting to get out of there wiped me out. Final walk of shame back and I was done.

Happy I didn't break any gear, or put myself at risk. I had one big air on the inside when two waves (bowl shaped) closed out at a peak and I had to race it to make it over or get munched. No waves on the way back in though as the thought of having one of the head high swell roll over me was just too intimidating.

I will claim victory, a modest one, but still victory. Need to head out with company on a similarly "small" day. Not used to ocean sailing after years of Ontario lakes, BC inlets and Candlestick. A real eye-opener!

Turns out I was under-boarded and should have gone out on a 90L board, not my 78L.

A nearby sensor shows the dip in wind while I was out there (4:30-5:30), though the overall scale is off.

Weather Conditions

Shin high building to head+ high waves on the outside. Winds that seemed strong but kept steadily decreasing.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 20-35 16




  78L FreeWave/4.2 Guru, 4.8 Loco


  40 min.

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