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Almost there

Guelph Lake The west beach.

I thought today would be another good day with learning conditions. Weather calling for 9 gusting to 14 knts. I got to the lake and it really looked promising. Dark water and the waves were looking like they were just about to white cap.

I must have caught it at just the right (or wrong) time. As soon as I was rigged it just died. It turned into an on and off day. I was able to plane twice, briefly. And other times I was just a dope standing in the middle of the lake holding onto a sail. Planing made the entire day worth while for me. The two brief puffs were probably the fastest I've ever been on a windsurfer. I'm definately over that stage that I'm looking for calmer days to get back into the swing, I'm catching myself checking for those longer wind bar graphs.

While waiting for the wind to spool up I practiced flying the sail for a beach start. I need to read more on how to control the board with mast base pressure?

Weather Conditions

From nothing to 14 knts to nothing to 14 knots to no......

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  Bic 293 OD/NS 8.8 Free Race


  2 hrs.

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