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PSC-1: The Perfect Introduction

Pacific Ocean Punta San Carlos (Beach Break)

The morning started out with a swim at dawn at the hotel and a pre-breakfast personal history lesson, geography quiz and stand-up comedy routine from ‘Harold from Miami’. Nice breakfast at Sogna DiVino and then off to Brown Field Airport . After a hour and a half at Mexican customs at the Ensenada Airport (seems we were the first commercial flight to be processed under the new regulations – now planes get charged too). The low-level flight down the coast (at 120 knots flying about 300’) was absolutely SPECTACULAR – whales, dolphins, pelicans, desert, farms, open country, wide-open beaches that stretched as far as the eye can see - WOW!!!

Arrived at the camp and received a warm welcome, lunch and an orientation. Grabbed a room with a view (tent right next to the ocean with the bonus of two mattresses that could be made into a double-wide bed). Also got Reiner as my next-tent-neighbour. Then gear selection, and off to the water. Under gunned with the 5.3, but caught a few waves, one really nice waist high clean wave that treated me to several clean linked turns. But the light wind made working out and catching waves hard work so went in for a larger sail (6.1). Much better, got a planning ride out, jibed onto a wave and snaked Michael (all in playful fun)!

Helped John retrieve Reiner’s gear from the ‘toilet bowl’ after the wind shut down. Then grabbed an SUP and hit the water with Michael to paddle into a few evening waves before dinner. Super fun (and tiring)!

Quotes of the Day:

Peter: “That was the perfect introduction to Punta San Carlos.”

Wyatt Miller: “Last week saw strange, unsettled wind. This is a transition day to more typical pattern of wind… …this place just wants to be windy!”

“Looks like you guys brought the waves!”

Weather Conditions

Wind ** (out of five stars)

Light side to side off. Pretty consistent, but light with some fog sitting right on shore.

Water/Waves **** (out of five stars)

Water was warmer than I was expecting (really warm and the 5/3 was too hot at times – had to stop and flush the suit to cool down). Nice clean south swell (waist to chest high with some shoulder to head high) with the peak of the wave starting half way down the beach break, breaking in both directions (right and left) then moving back to the point.

Jumps (out of five stars)

No jumps ~ only planning once going out and no steep ramps presented themselves on that run out.

Stoke **** (out of five stars)

Stoke was high as we were ‘here’ now, had a promising forecast for the week and our ‘Six Pack’ (M, MA, R, J, P and D) were all smiles after taking to the water and getting treated to the ‘perfect introduction’.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 10-14 28




  RRD FSW 109 (MFC weed 23), Quatro 9’6” SUP (paddle) /Ezzy Elite 5.2/6.1


  2 hrs.

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