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PSC-2: The Clinic Started

Pacific Ocean Punta San Carlos: Beach Break

Super heavy dew last night. Started the day with ocean side yoga to loosen up. Then took to the water for a quick SUP.

After a warm breakfast, the clinic started with Wyatt and Tyson giving a session on equipment, and wave etiquette/wave safety. Seems the brother’s must have tuned out for the second item.

The south swell continued today and presented nice clean faces, but hard to catch in the light air.

Weather Conditions

Wind * (out of five stars)

The wind felt a little gusty like Cape Sebastian (a streak of wind right at the beach, but light in the lee of the island).

Water/Waves ** (out of five stars)

Waist to chest high south swell mixed with west/northwest swell.

Jumps (out of five stars)

No jumps (underpowered the whole time).

Stoke ** (out of five stars)

The crew was happy to have wind and we were all looking forward to the promise of stronger afternoon wind.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 8-12 24




  Quatro 9’6” SUP (paddle), RRD FSW 108 (MFC weed 23)/Ezzy Elite 6.1


  1 hrs.

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