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PSC-3: Two Snake Ride

Pacific Ocean Punta San Carlos: Beach Break

Today was the first three-sport day! SUP, windsurf (two sessions) and a pre-dinner mountain bike ride!

I sized up my board from 108 to 120 and that resulted in more waves caught, but it was still challenging.

Wyatt’s post-dinner video review was super fun and a big hit!

The strangest part of the day was the mountain bike ride where we encountered not one, but two rattle snakes. The first was just warming itself (and our lead rider thought it might be dead at first) and was quiet calm, but we still took precautions and gave it wide berth. The second was a different storey, startled by the lead rider it was coiled, rattling and facing the second rider (me) when I arrived. Again we gave this angry snake a wide berth!

A full day, a day well spent!

Weather Conditions

Wind * (out of five stars)

The wind felt a little like Cape Sebastian (a steak of wind right at the beach, but light in the lee of the island).

Water/Waves ** (out of five stars)

Waist to chest high south swell mixed with west/northwest swell.

Jumps * (out of five stars)

No jumps (underpowered the whole time).

Stoke * (out of five stars)

Some fun, but a lot of work to catch rides in the light air and with the afternoon wind fizzling, there was some disappointment.

Water Colors

The Day at a Glance


  NW 8-12 21




  RRD FSW 120 (MFC weed 23)/Ezzy Elite 6.1


  2 hrs.

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