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Mr Raymond Luxury-Yacht

Local lake O Mcp

Totally surprised to see white caps coming in from east after driving down from work. Typical bendy Venturi-DB east thing: not a lot on outside of 1km offshore but fairly solid by the gazebo.

Sandman was contemplating going when I arrived, I was going no matter what....

The advantage of the Phantom: If It's capping around 7/8 knots you can have a blast on this setup. Hiked out upwind centreboard fully down, rail engaged. Slide track half way back and kick centreboard halfway up planing like a 'long' short board.

The Maltese man soon clued into where the wind was and seemed to be having a nice mid week sail on his windsup. It might not have been logo high at ho'okipa beach park, but sailing with your buddy at your home break is cool.

Rigged today with KC5555's 100 % carbon race mast. A tad stiffer than my previous powerex but noticeably more responsive. Cheers mate. The title ? Monty Python Classic.

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  Starboard bat winged phantom/Severne 9.5


  1 hrs. 23 min.

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