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San Francisco Bay Candlestick Park

Twas just another stick day like any other.

After a busy busy day at work, I packed up late to head down to the stick. Got there to find Jacob having just returned from his trip to Vancouver rigging 4.8 and Sofi/Jules on the water with small stuff.

With no time to waste, I rigged up 4.8 (matching Jacob) and went out.

On the first reach, having not sailed for a week, I went for a spock and BAM... got it. Start it like any other, slide through smoothly and before I knew it I was flipping the rig with the boom hanging tantalizingly close. I grabbed it, sheeted in, hung on and stayed up! It wasn't pretty, I didn't come planing out of it like those youtube videos, but I stayed dry.

Jacob who was watching then yelled: "You owe beer!" and then I knew I had it. It happened (a bit over a year after my first vulcan). I claimed it and felt *awesome*.

I kept going but the wind started to get really holey and flukey. I was itching to repeat the behaviour, like the day I got my first vulcan, just to know it wasn't an accident. I had been getting closer and closer but still, get one with authority.

Crash, crash, crash, BAM, a second spock, cleaner than the first.

Again, Jacob witnessed and this one rotated fast, the sail came through and I flipped the rig with more confidence and sailed away cleanly. No fumbling, no awkwardness, just a solid spock. Then I started to cheer like crazy. Today was a good day.

I had just returned the day before from a 5 day trip to Jakarta and was actually 2 days into a mild case of 'food poisoning' so was contemplating not even coming down. Very glad I did!

Weather Conditions

Super holey to start, with 4.8 being the right sail in the gusts. Then it died.

Later it picked up again to almost overpowered 4.8 which I went out to play in for 10 minutes.

The Day at a Glance


  NW 12-24 24




  99L Skate/4.8 Loco


  40 min.

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