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Some West at last!

Lake Ontario Mac's Point

Finally some west wind to enjoy at Macs. It wasn't strong but it was good enough. Man it was COLD though. I arrived to see W8n4wind out on his 6.2 so that was promising. Rigged and headed out but had to do a quick gybe and go back for my palmless mitts. My hands were numb. Joined Kevin up by West Point where I was hoping the waves would be rideable but they just weren't going today. A couple of decent one-hit rides but mostly bump and jump. Wind pooped a little so sailed back down to the launch and then it was mostly planing in the gusts, slogging in the lulls for another hour.

Nice to get out there though. The sun and water combo was stunning and the gin-clear water let you see every ledge, rock and crevice. Kept thinking I was going to hit the bottom but it was feet deep.

Had a better day than the poor woman who drove from Toronto to arrive as it was dying.

Weather Conditions

Breezy, sunny, cold

The Day at a Glance


  W 10-18




  RRD FSW 10@/Simmer Icon 5.9


  2 hrs.

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