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Good time overpowered

Georgian Bay near Collingwood

After a few sessions of rigging for the gusts, and getting screwed unable to waterstart in 5 minute holes... said f*ck that and rigged up the 8.0 and big board despite the big gusts. Wooh man those wide beginner boards can get some awesome speed powered up! Out of control fast on reaches, going for some pretty squirrely jibes (a few accidentally stylish ones that might have looked like I was actually in control). Tried a couple body drags that ened in cartwheels, gotta learn better sail control/steering while being dragged haha.

From now on always rigging up when unsure of what sail to use (for flat water at least), being overpowered and dead arms at times was wayy better than being frustrated in holey winds.

Most fun I've had on flat water.

Weather Conditions

good long gusts, side-off

The Day at a Glance


  S 10-20 15




  180L nova/HSM 8.0m


  2 hrs.

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