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Rigging probs but good times

Guelph Lake Guelph Lake - beach launch

I've been gaining confidence with my NS 8.8 and I've been dying to try it slightly overpowered. Conditions at Guelph Lake were shaping up to let me try it out.

However, as I was rigging, three tears popped into three of the panels (help!, I've posted a question about the tears in the beginners forum).

I went out instead with the older 7.0 and had a blast anyway. I felt a little underpowered on the 7.0 but was able to plane quite a bit during some good sustained gusts. It would have been challenging but fun with the 8.8. Would have been overpowered for sure. Maybe looking at an 8.0 in my future? Every time I get out windsurfing I get an idea to source even more kit. I can see how it could get outta hand.

For those sailing Guelph lake; the water's warming up...I forgot my booties and the water temp wasn't to bad on the bare feet.

Weather Conditions

Gusty (as usual) but sustained.

The Day at a Glance


   10-22 12




  Bic 293 OD/Older NS 7.0


  2 hrs.

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