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After school blast

Lake Ontario Prince Edward County

Predicted south westerlies today and hot and sunny which equals a trip to Joe's where the thermals rock on a day like today. Nothing but haze on the big lake but pulled into the grass in Waupoos and it was howling. I was kicking myself for having nothing smaller than my 109 and 5.3. Suited up but left the booties in the car - I hate sailing with footwear. Great wind, huge overpowering gusts and very nice ramps for hucking big jumps. Had a ball for over an hour. What I noticed most was that with a 100 percent mast and carbon boom , the sail stays solid even in vastly overpowering gusts. When the boom doesn't give, the draft in the sail just doesn't move. I've got to upgrade more booms.

Although it died early and instantly, I still count this as a great session. I almost feel like I cheated someone to pull it off - sweet.

Weather Conditions

Warm, sunny, great wind with nuking gusts.

The Day at a Glance


  SW -




  RRD freestyle wave 109/Simmer Icon 5.3


  1 hrs. 30 min.

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