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Gusty, Gustier, then Steady, then Gusty

Lake Ontario Club LaSalle

Yesterday was gustier, planning sometimes on the KS3 5.8. Today was much better with a bit more West in it (but not much). Dirk, Denny, Bob, Brendan, Adrian and Cliff were out so it was awesome seeing all those smiley faces after a warm windy afternoon. Water is nice with most sailing in shorties. Was on the KS3 5.8 for a couple of hours. Very stable sail for a 3 battens sail and got to use it on some small backside rides. It depowers instantly when needed which is nice. The last hour was spent on the 5.0 in even better (less gusty) conditions. Nice ramps out there. Finally back on the water. Some photos by slammed33 here

Weather Conditions

Gusty SW

The Day at a Glance


   20-26 30




  Skate 110L and Simmer 95L/KS3 5.8, KA 5.0


  3 hrs.

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