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Guelph Lake West beach

So this whole whole week is starting to shape up for some half decent conditions. I loaded all my gear up in the old pick up and drove it to work...I wanted to be able to bug out early and take advantage of the wind.

Late in the day I made the drive down to MCP and Lakefront Promenade in Mississauga. Nothing, it was totally dead, I couldnt' beleive it. Doming I guess? It was supposed to be calling for SW-SSW at 18knts gusting over 20.

I cut my losses and headed home to Cambridge area. The further I got from Lake O, the stronger the wind got.

Headed up to Guelph Lake and it was gusting up pretty good. There was already one other guy there setting up and ready to head out. It was SSW maybe swing S which made for really tricking conditions. As the wind came over the trees on the south side, it would cause really gusty conditions. But I'll take what I can get.

Intermittent planing runs back and forth as I was trying to ride the sustained gusts.

I felt I chickened out (again) by not rigging the 8.8 and instead going with the 7.0. I would have preferred having a sail in between but I don't.

Tomorrow is looking like the same conditions so I'm deteremined to use the 8.8.

Weather Conditions

crazy gusty

The Day at a Glance


  S 10-20 20




  Bic 293 OD/NS 7.0 Sting 3D


  2 hrs.

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