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Finally, right gear for the right conditions

Guelph Lake West beach

So yesterday I was determined to fly the 8.8 today. As soon as I got to the lake and saw the conditions, there was no way I was going that big.

Rigged up the 7.0 and headed out. Finally, I felt I was using the right sail for the right conditions. Great sustained W winds at about 20ish knots. I was even surprised at the chop that the wind was able to generate on such a small lake.

The steady winds finally enabled me to start trying to learn a lot more. I was planing up enough to start moving back to the straps (although not in them). At that speed, and with this newer equipment (vs the late 80's early 90's gear I learned on) I was really surprised how small inputs made a huge difference. Foot placement changes by a few cm would make a huge difference on center of effort. I was really surprised by it. I know the Bic 293 is comparatively, a beast of a board but it's sooo different from the old gear. I could only imagine what an agile short board would be like...although I'm not even close.

Tried some water starts but I quickly became exhausted. I was able to fly the sail a few times but a couple times the sail flew me.

A couple of other surfers launched off the "island", which was the right call on their part. The best fetch seemed to be occurring at that side of the lake. Launching off the west beach only allowed a narrow band of maybe 300m of good wind.

Weather Conditions

Windy, some gusting but better than usual for GL

The Day at a Glance


   18-23 20




  Bic 293 OD/NS 7.0 Sting 3D


  2 hrs.

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