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What was I thinking?

Simcoe Beaverton

So after 3 weeks of no sailing, the only windy day, I decided to believe iWindsurf forecast for dying wind in the 10-14 knots. Too lazy to bring smaller stuff.

So packed the newly bought used SB Formula 162, a 9.9 and 8.0 and nothing else.


Very quickly overpowered, sailed straight up wind (that was actually neat as I was heading almost straight into the wind with speed and control even in 25 knots). However going downwind was very sketchy.

Lots to learn there.

Surprisingly the board did not try to fly away going straight up and the fear of catapult kept me from doing much going down wind.

Jibing was surprisingly sharp if the feet are in the right spot.

One run feels like 20 in 35 knots! No wonder people say Formula is a major workout.

Ended up watching rINR and GFT having a blast on the water.

Funny enough, not at my wits end watching them, still high from PSC and B&J is not quite as exciting.

Still, lesson learned.

Weather Conditions

Great if you have small gear. Survival if you are stupid like me

The Day at a Glance


  W 5-25 18




  Starboard Formula 162/Retro 8.0


  1 hrs.

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