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Waist Wave Rides

Erie CrystalBeach/Sherkston

Ya finally a wave or two.

After a gusty hour sesh at HamiltonHarbor over a month ago was hoping on this forecast.Monday wind was up SSW at CrystalBeach gusting 15knts I shot over to PleasantBch. to see if reef was working at like 5knts maybe... reef asleep So back to Crystal rig 6.2 and out with wind/sup switching to my 106 at times a good 2 hours chop sailing.

Tuesday had better forecast so was pumped to go Headed over to Pleasant still light not even 10knts but some small waves in bowl occasional set rolling through at reef.

Was getting ready to go for paddle when wind started to fill in... forecasted wind "hooray"?? so headed over to Sheks Rig up 5.7 & wind/sup ready to switch to 106 when it fills in... small waves building at reef say waist high...great fun tacking/jibing on faces and riding them best I could several mistimed attempts but good fun/practice.Wind never kicked in...classic doming Strong enough late in day to jump on 106 a few planning runs some completed subplanning jibes but more good practice as with this spring I've had little time on the new 106

Just great to get out and the smallish waves where fun...plenty warm in my 4/3 steamer

Weather Conditions

chop/small waves light winds

The Day at a Glance


  SW 5-15 22




  FanaticFly wind/sup Tabou 3S 106/MauiSails 6.2 Global 5.7 Legend


  7 hrs.

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