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Just what the doc ordered!

Lake Erie Erie

Heading down the Hwy, the group me app was going nuts! Lasalle in St Catherine's was happening, guys rigging in the 5.5 range and smaller. I needed some waves. Report from Erie was not great, but still, passed St Catherine's and pushed on in anticipation that the reef would break at the height of the forecast which was between 3 & 5 PM. Got there about 2.30, Northshore just pulled in after. Just us 2 down. There was some wind, lots of whitecaps, but the reef not breaking as expected, however some break upwind near the barge and the occasional break along the reef. Hooked up the XL sail (5.7ish) on the big bamboo and was on the water by 3. Had a blast by the barge, just pure fun surfing the little waves. Also some fun surfing on the opposite side of the bay close to the beach break. 2 other locals joined in the fun. After about 4 hrs of this, with 2 short breaks the wind kicked up a notch. Northshore opted to try out his new short board, I remained strapless (so sexy!) and was going full tilt, but that didn't last long. The wind just died!...but than it switched, turned W....and magic! The reef starts to break and it was pure bliss! Off the water after 8! Long story short...Windsup Rules!

Weather Conditions


The Day at a Glance


  SW 10-15 20




  Exocet 11'8 windsup/Naish Chopper XL


  5 hrs.

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